Welcome to Glasgow City Church!

We are an international family of all ages and many walks of life that loves to welcome visitors from near and far.

We are so glad you came today and, right now, you are the second most important person to us!


Of course, the One we value above all others is our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

He is the Head of the church, the One for whom everything was made, and the reason for our coming together.

He delights to gather many nations and make us one people whose citizenship is of Heaven.

His kingdom is our identity, His reign our unity, and His presence our life.

He is more than the reason we are here; He is the reason you are here too.

At GCC, we ask God for visitors because we want them to experience Christ. Each week, we pray that, as people enter our building, they will be immediately conscious of His presence.

Our vision is for the whole world to experience His presence.

Yes – that is a big, big vision!

We invite you to share in the greatest vision of all history!

The Vision of Glasgow City Church: All of Christ in All the Church to All Creation